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Organisation and location


ADEF's geographical location is in Aix-en-Provence and Marseille, on ESPE premises.
Its main establishment is at 32 Rue Eugène Cas 13248 Marseille cedex 04.

Administrative and financial management

Annie Rombi:

Coordination of EA 4671 – ADEF


Jacques Ginestié


Jean Ravestein

Yves Matheron

Members of the ADEF Laboratory Board

  • Team representatives:

ACADIS: Teresa Dos Reis Assude
GESTEPRO: Pascale Brandt-Pomares
ERGAPE: Frédéric Saujat
EFE: Michel Vial

  • Team representatives on the ADEF Laboratory Council


  • Team manager: Teresa Dos Reis Assude
  • Lecturer/researcher representative: Fatima Davin
  • Other category representative: Serge Quilio
  • Doctoral student representative: Patrick Carnus
  • External members:
    - Local lecturer/researcher: Pierre Arnoux, IREM Aix-Marseille and IML-
    - External AMU lecturer/researcher: Nicole Biagioli, U. of Nice team I3DL



  • Team manager: Pascale Brandt-Pomares
  • Lecturer/researcher representative: Jean-Marie Boilevin
  • Other category representative: Colette Andreucci
  • Doctoral student representative: Nadeige Chauvot
  • External members:
    - Local lecturer/researcher: Nathalie Bonnardel, Psyclé AMU
    - External AMU lecturer/researcher: Catherine Bruguière, S2HEP Lyon1 – ENS



  • Team manager: Frédéric Saujat
  • Lecturer/researcher representative: René Amigues
  • Other category representative: Jean Claude Mouton
  • Doctoral student representative: Frédéric Grimaud
  • External members:
    - Local lecturer/researcher: Pierre Therme, AMU Faculty of Science Luminy
    - External AMU lecturer/researcher: Serge Leblanc, IUFM Montpellier,



  • Team manager: Michel Vial
  • Lecturer/researcher representative: Chantal Eymard
  • Other category representative: N/A
  • Doctoral student representative: Philip Dervis
  • External members:
    - Local lecturer/researcher: Vincent Bonniol, AMU
    - External AMU lecturer/researcher: Jacques Audran, Strasbourg

Permanent member: Luc Trouche, ENS Lyon-IFE