Doctoral training programme

EA 4671 ADEF is committed to receiving and guiding you over a three year period. During these three years, the laboratory will organise your training through a programme which includes several activities constituting evaluation components for your course. The training of future doctors includes four modules spread over two semesters of the academic year for each year of registration as a doctoral student.

Module 1: Six annual conferences

The laboratory will invite two renowned speakers from outside ADEF to present work of national or international scope. Three other conferences will be provided by ADEF research lecturers. The conferences will be held over a half-day and the names of the speakers will be announced at the beginning of the year.

Module 2: Doctoral days

Doctoral days provide a prime opportunity for ADEF researchers and peers to keep abreast of the progress of your work. They are divided according to a schedule set at the beginning of each semester. Each student gives a 15 minute presentation followed by 30 minutes of questions and discussion. This activity may also take place in the afternoon of conference days, which will allow the conference speakers to enrich the discussions.

Module 3: Methodological workshops

These six days are divided into themes which you will inevitably have to tackle during your thesis work. You will choose at least two workshops to attend per year. It is important to be very clear about the way in which these workshops are organised: these are not lectures, but rather common work on the problems you encounter. For you to anticipate your questions, the speaker should communicate a summary of issues that might be dealt with at the beginning of his/her intervention. You will be sent a Doodle poll enabling you to register for the workshops of your choice.

  •     Workshop 1: Advanced word processing functions and electronic bibliography management
  •     Workshop 2: Processing of audiovisual data
  •     Workshop 3: Statistical processing of data
  •     Workshop 4: Processing of textual data
  •     Workshop 5: Writing scientific papers
  •     Workshop 6: Presentation and scientific communication

Module 4: Research team seminars

Each student will automatically be placed in one of the four ADEF research teams. At the beginning of the year, each team publishes a calendar of the seminars they are organising, according to their own frequency. When you are enrolled as a doctoral student, you make a commitment to actively participate in your team's seminars. This is an element of your evaluation. You can attend the other teams' seminars but you register your work within the team you chose in relation to your area of focus upon registration.

Doctoral Training Calendar 2013 - 2014