The ACADIS (Comparative and Anthropological Approaches to Teaching and Education) team is interested in building a relationship between lengthy disciplinary learning, on the one hand and time-limited interactions in the classroom, on the other. The work conducted focuses on relationships to learning subjects (socially controversial issues, obsolescence of academic disciplines, etc.), the definition of knowledge needs in society (sustainable development, language practice, a common bedrock, etc.) and building social relations at school


Team manager

Teresa ASSUDE PR 70

Governance and organisation of the team's work

Establishing an ACADIS team board will allow for the organisation of joint activities, monitoring of collective work, decision-making on scientific and training policies and a link to the other research group management bodies (the Laboratory Board and Council).

Team operation


Three annual study days allow us to establish a common space to present our work and conduct scientific debates around research themes. In between, weekly work meetings are organised by the head of each team, in accordance with the research or production projects to be conducted.

On another timescale, the team organised the 3rd International ARCD Symposium in 2013, after Geneva (2009) and Lille (2011), along with the 4th International Symposium on the Anthropological Theory of Didactics and a conference on issues related to the link between schools and urban areas.