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Enseignement intégré de science et technologie, quels enjeux ?

TitreEnseignement intégré de science et technologie, quels enjeux ?
Type de publicationJournal Article
Années de publication2010
AuteursA. Pedregosa, D., Boilevin J.-M.., Brandt-Pomares P.., Givry D.., & Martin P..
JournalReview of Science, Mathematics and ICT EducationReview of Science, Mathematics and ICT Education
Start Page9
Numéro ISBN1791-261X
Mots-clésScience, technology, curriculum, interdisciplinarity, integrated teaching

Many countries are engaged in renovating science and technology teaching in secondary schools. In order to give more coherence to the content taught, the place and definition of the school subjects involved tend to be reexamined. In France, an integrated science and technology teaching program is being tested since 2006. A first analysis of the program and the way participating teachers view it has been done from the definition of several strategies to bring disciplines together. Four dimensions of school disciplinary integration have been identified to structure our reflexion. The analysis of posters produced by the teachers reveals an incomplete vision of integration and a dominant place given to notional knowledge.